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Thursday, December 13, 2012

The WONDER of Christmas

Today, all the material trappings of Christmas and all the wonderful traditions that might be fine and good, have unfortunately distracted us from what truly is the WONDER of Christmas. Oh that we might all take time to not only re-tell the true story of Christmas but I pray that we might go further.  I pray that we might meditate on it, dwell on it, discuss it and pray over it. Here are 10 simple ironies that have fostered such wonderful thought in my heart and discussion in our home that I hope do the same for you.  Please consider taking time to think on these things. Consider their reason and their implications to your life.

Lord bless you and Merry Christmas

10 Simply Ironies of Christmas

  1. The God of Heaven Initiated Reconciliation with His Enemies
  2. The Announcement of the High King was Given to Lowly Shepherds
  3. The All Powerful One Made Himself Powerless
  4. The One Who Dwelled in Glory Chose to Inhabit a Cave
  5. The Owner of All Wealth was Born into Poverty
  6. The Eternal One Became a Newborn
  7. The King of Kings Subjected Himself to a Lower King
  8. The Everlasting Spirit Put On Human Flesh
  9. The Ruler of Rulers Came to Serve
  10. The Great God Chose to Come through a Town of No Reputation

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