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Monday, April 29, 2013

EVERY Word that Proceeds from the Mouth of God

I was so encouraged to get a letter from a dear friend who is a Bible translator.  He shared an interesting story in his letter.  It seems that one of his native translation helpers asked him why they needed to include the word for "behold" in their new translation.  It the language they are working, adding this word made the sentence more stiff and difficult to read.  My friend shared with him the importance of accuracy in word for word Bible translation for Bible study and also the warnings from the Lord about adding to or taking away from the Scriptures.

In this day of paraphrases and loose translations it is such a blessing to know that there are some who are still committed to the difficult and tedious work of translating the Word of God as our forefathers did.  What a joy to know that this brother is more concerned about honoring God in his work than he is about pleasing man.

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